Our Process

We will work with you from start to finish to ensure you are delighted with the final output.

Our initial discussion with the client determines the detailed objectives of the project. We will establish our proposed budgets and then accordingly arrange for material options, selections, and designs. This process ensures that our clients understand the scope of the project, timescales, and an idea of related costs.


Once the designer consultation, material selections, concept drawings (if required) are complete, Xact Design Inc. provides the client with a final estimate that includes all aspects of the renovation. We will also provide a clear and concise written contract outlining the obligations of both parties outlining timeframes, payment structure, changes of material, site preparation and guarantees.


Once the contract is signed, planning for the project begins. City permits (if applicable), Condo Corporation meetings (if applicable), trades are scheduled, and materials are ordered. This stage is very critical to comply with deadlines and to avoid any major delays.

Clients will also be provided with online access to their own webpage giving them the ability to view details on the project. Clients can track photos, follow the construction process and have real-time ability to view and approve changes and or any modifications.


Prior to the commencement of any project, our skilled team prepares the area for construction. Floors are protected, tools are placed in a designated area. Our team of experts then begin the rough-in work such as electrical, plumbing, and rough carpentry.


Once all the rough-in construction has been completed, the finishing elements of the project come together. Finishing carpentry, flooring, painting, fixtures, lighting and cabinetry start.


Upon completion of the project, clients will be invited to perform a final inspection with the COO of Xact Design Inc. The COO will inform and advise you of any and all regular maintenance that is required to prolong and protect the project.